Admissions Process

The admissions process at SBS begins in the fall term. For our new JK students we offer rolling admissions. This means that assessments and interviews take place, and at the time of the follow up meeting an offer of placement could potentially be made.

For students in SK to Grade 6 the process is slightly different. Families go through all steps of the application process by December 15, 2023 and then wait for a possible offer of admission on the common date of offer on February, 23rd, 2024. This date is adhered by many of the independent schools locally and is when all offers are sent out.

Sunnybrook will still accept applications for all grades throughout the year, depending on availability of space. Please feel free to contact the school for further information regarding our admissions process. Our Director of Admissions, Ms Tanya Low, will answer any questions you may have and will be happy to guide you through the admissions process.

The following steps will facilitate a smooth and informative experience as you consider Sunnybrook School for your child.

  1. Visit the school: See Sunnybrook School in action; visit during an Open House or sign up for a tour.
  2. Submit an application: Complete our application form (you will need to create an account) and include:
    • 2 most recent report cards
    • Birth certificate
  3. Once submitted: You will receive email instructions about how to pay the application fee of $200.00 ($250.00 for students applying after March 1, $250 for international students)
  4. Student Visit & Assessment: We invite students applying to SK through GR 6 to visit the school and spend either a half or full day in their respective grades. This process allows us to get to know your child and also lets your child experience SBS. During the visit Mrs Low will meet the applicants either individually, or in small groups, depending on the grade and circumstance. Getting a whole picture of the child is important in making admissions decisions. International applications can be accommodated through Zoom for the interview and assessment components. All parts of the admissions process for students is designed to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident throughout the process.
  5. Parent Interviews: During the admissions process parents will also have a personal meeting with the Principal, Teralee Brunn. This allows us to get to know your family and additionally provides you with the opportunity to ask further questions you may have about SBS.
  6. Follow Up Meeting: Mrs. Low, the Vice Principal and Director of Admissions will also schedule a follow up parent meeting after meeting your child to provide you with personal information about the assessment. This meeting is for parents only and can be held either in person or via Zoom.