The SBS Student Journey


Our students love school; we achieve this by creating a full educational experience that develops the whole child. A variety of enrichment activities lend a sense of fun to the learning and the school day. Reaching out into the community, interacting with children in different grades, and a wealth of creative, physical, social activities all contribute to a holistic school experience.

Field trips, enrichment activities, outdoor play, clubs and house games are all part of our co-curricular program.

Starting in Kindergarten

The first years of school should be full of delight – the magic of learning, the thrill of mastering new skills, the joy of building friendships, the pleasure in active play outdoors, and the delight in growing independence. Children who begin school in JK or SK at Sunnybrook thrive throughout their school careers.

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On to Grade One

The transition into Grade One is a significant one for our young students. Grade One provides both new opportunities and independence that will continue to develop during their time at SBS.

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Our daughter has loved her time at SBS from the first day she walked into JK. While she initially missed her older sister at school after her sister moved on to a prominent all-girls’ middle school and while our household schedule became a bit more hectic with two locations to get to/from, we all knew our daughter wanted to continue the journey with her SBS classmates to graduation. The culture and traditions in the school naturally elevate the oldest students in grade six to numerous leadership roles and prepare them well for middle school. Our daughter has evolved her IB Learner Profile over the years at SBS which will serve her well in life.

Linda E.