Carbon-Zero School

Sunnybrook is proud to have been the first school in Canada to sustain a carbon-zero footprint through the Canada’s Forest Trust’s Smart Forest Program. Found in the endangered Acadian forest region of New Brunswick, Sunnybrook School’s Smart Forest continues to grow every year through the generous support of our whole community and will be maintained for 100 years by Canada’s Forest Trust. By planting a regionally appropriate mix of species, this initiative not only serves to capture our carbon emissions but will also help to bring back plant and animal biodiversity like Black Bears, Deer, Moose and the elusive Northern Flying Squirrel.

Our school’s commitment to addressing climate change in this way was inspired by the remarkable efforts of some of our Grade 6 students during their 2022 PYP Exhibition. These students calculated the number of seedlings per student required to capture our total emissions and let us become a carbon-zero school. This important initiative will be sustained for years to come not only to ensure that we remain carbon-zero, but as a meaningful way to help our students develop a sense of personal agency in taking actions that meet our collective responsibility to future generations.

Did You Know?

In September, 2022, Sunnybrook School begun the process to become a certified EcoSchool! We are thrilled to be joining the larger EcoSchools community, and we look forward to celebrating our students’ thoughtful engagement with this enormous and important issue.