Bronze Level EcoSchool

In September, 2022, Sunnybrook School begun the process to become a certified EcoSchool – and earned Bronze Level certification by the end of that school year!

EcoSchools Canada‘s mission is “to nurture student leaders, reduce the environmental impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities.” Their vision is that, “all members of a school community are empowered with the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and desire to act as environmentally responsible citizens.” These values strongly align with the initiatives, environmental teaching and leadership that SBS has passionately cultivated over the years, so we felt it made good sense to work towards certification.

As we continue to work towards advancing our certification, our Green Team will be responsible for initiating and managing various campaigns over the school year, with tangible goals and objectives being reached through the efforts of the entire SBS community.

Our Current Campaigns

  • Raising Environmental Literacy – work with full staff to provide opportunities to learn in, about, for and from the environment.
  • GOOS Paper – reduce paper consumption by (re)using “Good On One Side” (GOOS) paper around the school and in our homes.
  • Switch Off Lights and Devices – conserve energy across our community by turning off lights, devices and monitors when not needed.
  • Meatless Meals – reduce emissions by skipping meat at least one day a week.
  • The Great Gulp – take a synchronized gulp of water to raise awareness about the dangers of pollution caused by single use plastic items.
  • Earth Hour – participate in Earth Hour 2023 (Saturday, March 25th, around the globe!) by turning off the lights at school and home.
  • Community Clean Up – remove litter from the environment as part of our Earth Month activities.

By taking small steps, we can make a difference and positively impact the world we live in. We are thrilled to be a part of the EcoSchools community, and we look forward to celebrating our students’ thoughtful engagement with this enormous and important issue.

EcoSchools Canada’s award-winning, curriculum-linked framework supports school communities as they assess, track, benchmark, and celebrate environmental excellence.