Why Choose SBS?

For 70 years parents have chosen our vibrant, co-ed elementary school to deliver robust and meaningful educational experiences that develop the whole child, helping them to learn critical skills and knowledge, and nurturing their personal, creative, & academic growth. Our vision is for students to have agency, a voice in their learning, and to understand the world around them. We are preparing them for an unpredictable future, and for jobs that might not even exist yet.

We’re a small school building big futures, empowering our students with the will to learn, the courage to act, and the confidence to succeed.

Below are the top reasons why parents have chosen Sunnybrook School.

Balanced Learning

Sunnybrook presents a balanced curriculum, equipping students with the skills required to understand and analyze multiple perspectives, take responsibility for their own learning, and prepare them for the future. Our goal is for our students to construct their own meaning as they explore concepts, build knowledge and develop skills. They collaborate with their peers to ask meaningful questions and pursue understanding in all areas of their learning. Through a purposeful blend and balance of significant, relevant, challenging, and engaging content, children are drawn in and learning comes to life.

Caring Community

Sunnybrook provides a caring community where students feel comfortable; a place where healthy relationships with peers and teachers flourish. Together as a team, the administration and teachers at Sunnybrook strive to establish a supportive learning culture and caring community.

Nurturing Environment

SBS classrooms are so much more than a space to house desks, chairs, people. They are places of learning and creativity, where children build knowledge and friendships. They are places where they explore, inquire, invent, design, build, produce, present and compose, where they are engaged IB PYP learners.

A Small School Building Big Futures

The world is changing and so must the skills students learn in order to succeed. Our vision is for students to have agency, a voice in their learning, and to understand the world around them. We teach them the skills and attitudes they need for success, like self confidence, empathy, self control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance and optimism.  We are preparing them for an unpredictable future, and for jobs that might not even exist yet.

The SBS Student Journey

Our students love school; we achieve this by creating a full educational experience that develops the whole child. A variety of enrichment activities lend a sense of fun to the learning and the school day. Reaching out into the community, interacting with children in different grades, and a wealth of creative, physical, social activities all contribute to a holistic school experience.

70 Years of Experience & Growth

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement has guided Sunnybrook School since its earliest days. Founded in 1952, SBS was one of North Toronto’s first Preschools. In April 1999, we became Canadaʼs first English speaking school to adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme. We continue to contribute to the IB community on many levels, and take pride in our active participation in the IB world.

We’re Highly Recommended

Time and time again parents will recommend our “Small School with a Big Heart” and once families find us, they don’t leave! Our students are prepared for the future and leave ready to face middle school. Many of our alumni will visit us casually as they pass by the school, or on their PD days and they tell us how well they are doing at their new schools – what better feedback than from the graduates themselves!

We’re Socially Responsible

At Sunnybrook School we view action as service that arises from the studentsʼ learning – pathways to learning about the meaning of citizenship in all its contexts. Student action is integrated into the Program of Inquiry and studio work wherever possible.

We’re Accepting New Students

Visit our Admissions Section to review our process, fees, frequently asked questions, and more!