Permeable Schoolhouse

The culture of Sunnybrook has created us to be a permeable schoolhouse –  meaning that our students willingly extend their learning beyond the walls of their studio and the school. One of the goals of the IB curriculum is for student agency which promotes taking responsibility for their own learning. Because they are motivated, interested, and curious, students are eager to continue with their inquiries beyond the school day. This therefore organically inspires actions and brings the learning to either home or into the community. It is important to SBS that parents actually see and hear evidence of what their children are learning during the school day. 

Since Sunnybrook has a 1:1 iPad program, the students are easily able to bring their assignments home and show their learning to their parents through their digital portfolios. This collection of work is chosen and reflected on by the students to demonstrate their learning through the year. Our iPad program allowed SBS to transition seamlessly to remote learning and create a successful learning platform as the students were educated and had the knowledge to succeed. 

The notion of a permeable schoolhouse sets the students for success in coming years. These growth mindset skills are essential for not only middle years but also high school and beyond. The goal is for this culture to be instilled in the students.