Meet the Green Team

After becoming the first school in Canada to sustain a net-zero carbon footprint through the Canada’s Forest Trust – Smart Forest Program, SBS made the decision to work towards official EcoSchool certification with EcoSchools Canada.

One of the first steps in this certification process was to form a leadership group composed of students, teachers and administrators. Grade 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to apply to join this group, and their enthusiastic response helped us found our first “Green Team”. Andrea (GR 5), Kira (GR 5), Matty (GR 6), and Alyna (GR 6) now work with SBS staff members Teralee Brunn (Principal), Ms Mactaggart (Teacher-Librarian) and Ms Kelly (Administrator) to guide and deliver the campaigns and initiatives that will see to our eventual certification!

Special note: As a team we decided and voted on the name for the team. The students created a logo for the leadership team (see “Green Team” at the top of this page) meant to signify the importance of taking care of our only planet, EARTH. We included 8 water drops to represent the 8 classes at SBS, as we all need to work together to make a difference.

The Green Team 2023/24