Big Futures

Sunnybrook has been an established school for 70 years and we provide big futures for our students. Our mission statement is: The Will to Learn – The Courage to Act – The Confidence to Succeed, and we stand by that statement. Every Sunnybrook student does succeed. Our vision is for students to have agency, a voice in their learning, and to understand the world around them. We are preparing them for an unpredictable future, and for jobs that might not even exist yet. 

Through the IB program we prepare our students for that future. We teach them the skills and attitudes they need for success, like self confidence, empathy, self control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance, critical thinking skills and optimism. Through the years spent at Sunnybrook, they have gained global awareness, to take responsibility for their own learning, leadership skills and a love of learning. This growth mindset will set them up for success in the middle years and beyond.

The world is changing and so must the skills students learn in order to succeed. We set our students up for success and they are ready and prepared to graduate in grade six and move onto their next school. The environment SBS provides is a perfect feeder school as it is a small, caring, coed community that prepares them for their future.

We’re Accepting New Students

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