Meet Our Learning Buddies

Every week, Learning Buddies meet to share a love of books and learning. Being a Learning Buddy to a younger child gives our students a first taste of leadership, mentoring and responsibility in an academic context. Our younger students enjoy the mentorship of an older peer.

Learning Buddies foster student interaction between the age groups. Students in grade 4 are paired up with JK students, and move through grades 5 and 6 with them, as the little ones progress through to grade 1.

Over the years the students develop a fond and nurturing relationship with their Buddies, as they read to each other, work on their iPads, solve math problems or practice writing. The one-to-one time with older peers provides a unique form of learning support for young students, and our younger students enjoy their special time with their older peers. It is wonderful to see how they become attached to their Learning Buddies.