Caring Community

The classroom environment is one of the most important factors that affect student learning. An ideal learning environment is one in which students view their classrooms as positive and supportive. It is a space where they feel safe and secure. Sunnybrook provides a caring community where students feel comfortable; a place where healthy relationships with peers and teachers flourish. Research has established that children absorb all that they observe around them and that they learn best when they feel comfortable. In a positive and nurturing environment, students are free to be inquirers and explorers and true leaders of their own learning.

Together as a team, the administration and teachers at Sunnybrook strive to establish a supportive learning culture and caring community. The classrooms are visually appealing with large bright windows, student work displayed prominently on the walls, and tables are arranged so that students can learn individually as well as participate in group activities.

Our caring community extends outside of the classroom where our Grade 6 students are house heads and learning buddies to our younger students. Our younger children look up to and admire our oldest students who are role models for the other children. As house heads, the Grade 6 students inspire and motivate others outside the classroom while portraying the IB learner profile.

Our Sunnybrook Parent group is also part of the equation to our students’ success. Our parents are extremely involved and have the opportunity to volunteer at the school, in the library and on field trips. All parents are part of the Sunnybrook Parents Association where parents come together to enhance their children’s school experience.

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