Balanced Learning


The goal of Sunnybrook is to present a balanced curriculum to equip students with the skills required to understand and analyze multiple perspectives, take responsibility for their own learning, and prepare them for the future. Sunnybrook offers the IB PYP program along with Singapore mathematics, a comprehensive language program, daily French, arts & music and Phys Ed.

This inquiry based program inspires creative thinking, learning and growth; the learner is the focal point of all elements of the PYP. Our goal is for our students to construct their own meaning as they explore concepts, build knowledge and develop skills. They collaborate with their peers to ask meaningful questions and pursue understanding in all areas of their learning. Through a purposeful blend and balance of significant, relevant, challenging, and engaging content, children are drawn in and learning comes to life. Children not only learn to think for themselves but also develop a love of learning.

Alongside offering a balanced curriculum, Sunnybrook provides social emotional well being for all the students, creating a safe and diverse environment for learning. The well being of the students is first and foremost and lies at the heart of Sunnybrook School. We not only want the best emotional development for our students in the classroom and playground, but we want them to be successful in the digital world as well.

Since Sunnybrook has an one to one iPad program, and every child has access to their own iPad, we do provide a strong digital citizenship program as part of the curriculum beginning at the JK level. The program Sunnybrook uses is the Common Sense Curriculum designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Each digital citizenship lesson takes on real challenges and digital dilemmas that students face today, giving them the skills they need to succeed as digital learners, leaders, and citizens of tomorrow.

Meaningful learning extends beyond the classroom. For every unit taught at Sunnybrook, teachers provide enrichment, including class visitors or workshops, author visits and field trips. Since most students are visual learners, these experiences enhance their learning and allow them to touch, feel and hear what they’re learning about. This allows them to further consolidate classroom instruction, leads to natural actions outside the classroom, builds cultural understanding and tolerance, and exposes them to worlds beyond their own.

To live a balanced life, students must not only experience a balanced curriculum, they also need to be exposed to extra curricular activities to capture the full experience of elementary school. At Sunnybrook we offer a variety of clubs both at lunch and after school.

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