Learning Studios

SBS classrooms are so much more than a space to house desks, chairs, people. They are places of learning and creativity, where children build knowledge and friendships. They are places where they explore, inquire, invent, design, build, produce, present and compose, where they are engaged IB PYP learners. They are active spaces with traditional materials at home alongside modern technology, and they are flexible spaces, where furniture can be reconfigured on a momentʼs notice to accommodate a variety of activities.

We call our rooms studios to highlight the active, creative learning students enjoy at Sunnybrook School. Touring the school at any time you may encounter students working on videos for their Media unit in the grade 5 studio, engaged in word study in the GR 2 Studio, practicing their printing skills in the JK Studio, or writing an essay for their PYP Exhibition in the GR 6 Studio. Sunnybrook School Learning Studios are buzzing with lively, engaged learning.

Our facility offers an inspiring learning environment. Our studios and halls celebrate that learning is active and alive throughout the school – evidence of a dynamic experience for SBS students.