70 Years of Experience & Growth

Sunnybrook School was founded in 1952 by Mrs. Irmingard Hoff, as one of North Toronto’s first Preschools. It was originally located in Leaside, and in 1960 the school moved to the present Merton St. location, occupying its own purpose-built premises.

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement has guided Sunnybrook School since its earliest days. During the first Merton St. years, the school grew to include grades one through four. In 1985 Mrs. Hoff’s daughter, Irene Davy, Ph.D., became the director of the school. That same year a neighbouring property was purchased and an addition was built, improving the facilities by adding a gym and three classrooms. Preschool classes were phased out in the 1980ʼs to make way for grades 5 and 6. Three further renovations followed, the most recent one in 2011; Sunnybrook is a full elementary school offering JK to grade 6, with one class per grade.

In April 1999, Sunnybrook School was Canadaʼs first English speaking school to adopt the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. We have contributed to the IB community on many levels, taking pride in our active participation in the IB world.

In 2018 Irene Davy passed the role of Principal on to Teralee Brunn. Ms Brunn works with her two Vice Principals, Michael Rossiter and Tanya Low, to lead SBS into its new phase. Mrs. Davy enjoys her continued involvement in a consulting role.

This year, we celebrate our 70th Anniversary! Learn more about our seven decades of history in our OurKids.net review: