We’re Highly Recommended

The Sunnybrook Community is dedicated to making our school a caring, supportive environment. Parents often comment on how the size of SBS is actually a strength as it allows the school to be cohesive, have a strong community, and demonstrate an incredibly caring environment. Time and time again parents will recommend our “Small School with a Big Heart” and once families find us, they don’t leave! Our committed teachers make SBS a place where students feel comfortable to make mistakes,  find their confidence and have their voices heard. 

Our students are prepared for the future and leave ready to face middle school. They have the tools for success. Families are appreciative and thankful once they finish the full 8 years of SBS. Completing the entire program, they realize the potential their children have by completing the PYP exhibition, having  eight years of the IB program, and going through the application process for new schools, which actually sets them up for job success later in life. All these skills are invaluable and sets us apart from other schools.

We are proud of Sunnybrook and the unique experience our students leave with. Many of our alumni will visit us casually as they pass by the school, or on their PD days and they tell us how well they are doing at their new schools. What better feedback than from the graduates themselves. They roam the halls and time and time again they visit and stay in touch with their elementary buddies. Sunnybrook is a special place and is highly recommended!

And now, a word from our Grade 5 students!

As a part of their recent Media Unit, our Grade 5 students produced some promotional videos meant to bring their learning in to practice. Watch and enjoy!