Meet Our House Heads

A sense of belonging sets our students up for success. To foster this, each new student entering Sunnybrook School is assigned to a “House”. The Houses at Sunnybrook are named after trees, and each House has its own colour. Your child will belong to Birch (yellow), Willow (blue), Maple (red), Oak (purple) or Pine (green) House. House activities require the children to wear their ‘House Colours’. Each student receives a ‘House T-shirt’ as a welcome gift from the SPA when they arrive at SBS.

All of our grade 6 students are House Heads and have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and be role models for their younger peers. The grade 6 students prepare house meetings, ice breakers, a House cheer, activities, games, and event days for the younger students. As the oldest students, the House heads are role models and leaders in the school, and the skills they learn will be beneficial to relationship building moving into middle school. 

House activities are a wonderful opportunity to have mixed age groups together for events and contribute significantly to the positive community atmosphere in the school. Healthy, friendly competition between the Houses is a fun part of school life.

Students can earn House points throughout the year in several ways:

  • House Games – offered four weekday mornings; students can attend house games before school begins. Houses compete in games like volleyball, dodgeball, floor hockey. It is a great way to start the day.
  • Spirit Days – House heads plan fun spirit days to include sack races, obstacle courses, shoe toss and learn their House Cheer
  • Being Eco Friendly – participating in community events to help our environment, both school and community
  • Walking or riding their bike to school, carpooling with others
  • Wearing their uniform properly
  • Speaking French consistently in French Class and in the school