Class of 2024 “Book Legacy”

It has become a library tradition at SBS for the graduating class members to reflect upon and leave behind a “book legacy,” by each choosing their favourite or most impactful book in our library collection. This legacy choice is then noted on our library board, in “book talker” flags put in the books they have chosen, and […]

Wizard Of Oz

All of the students performed in the musical Wizard of Oz. Every GR 1-6 student is involved in the process of creating sets and props, dancing, and singing in the musical. They have the opportunity to perform two nights and the show was spectacular!

SBS Instrumental Recital

Sunnybrook held our first instrumental recital at Leaside United Church. It was a glorious celebration of music. Sunnybrook students had a chance to perform their piano, violin, cello, guitar, harp, and singing talents for our audience. It was a wonderful afternoon! This is a tradition in the making!

Author Visit

Canadian author Shane Peacock visited the grade 3 – 6 students and presented his love of the mystery genre and his picture book on Vincent van Gogh, The Artist and Me. He was so entertaining and captivating for our young readers. An amazing presentation and a great reminder that books are always better than the movie!