Class of 2024 “Book Legacy”

It has become a library tradition at SBS for the graduating class members to reflect upon and leave behind a “book legacy,” by each choosing their favourite or most impactful book in our library collection. This legacy choice is then noted on our library board, in “book talker” flags put in the books they have chosen, and on our little library @sbs.loves.books account. Their book legacies remind us of them, as they graduate and move on to their next adventures. Every year I love the conversations that arise as this project unfolds – conversations that touch on what a lasting legacy is, what books have resonated with them on their reading journeys, and how they each show such deep, different interests…and what a surprise and delight that is, when they notice it. Here are a few images from the Class of 2024 book legacy project. Bravo, graduating readers!