Our GOOS Paper Campaign

Blog post by The Green Team Students: Andrea, Kira, Matty and Alyna

The SBS Green Team began our first EcoSchools campaign of “GOOS Paper” in November 2022. GOOS means any piece of paper that is “Good On One Side”. The paper has been used on one side, but still has a blank side that’s good for all kinds of uses, including handwritten notes, drawing, or printing a rough draft. 

Firstly, the Green Team took an audit of how much paper is used in a year at Sunnybrook. Did you know that SBS uses 16.5 boxes of paper a year – that is 85,000 sheets of paper. The goal is to reduce the amount of paper used. We can do it!!!

All of the studios and offices now have a GOOS bin ready to be used in each studio. Students are encouraged to use GOOS paper BEFORE it goes to recycling.

To help with the campaign a GOOS manager has been dedicated in each studio who will help with the campaign and manage the bin. We even connected our campaign to the #12 Sustainable Goal – responsible consumption and production!

The Green Team challenges the SBS families to create a GOOS bin at home to help with reusing paper before it is recycled. If a student sets up a bin at home, they will earn house points. Let’s work together Sunnybrook!!