Sunnybrook Reads

Families joined us for an afternoon of literacy fun. “Sunnybrook Reads” is a community event held each Fall to celebrate literacy and add to our library collection. Three events occur on this special day. First is the “Birthday Book” program, where our librarian selects many wonderful books for the children and their families to peruse, choose and purchase, to add to the SBS library. Students can purchase a book that will be donated to the collection in recognition of their birthday. Each child is the first to sign out their “Birthday Book” and a special birthday bookplate is affixed in the front of the book. Also on that day, each child will share literacy activities in their studios with their parents and have an opportunity to enjoy special treats at the Grade Five Action Cafe. All proceeds from the Cafe were donated to the Children Wish Foundation, which won the vote taken by the Grade Five students. Thank you to our community for participating.