The Great Gulp

The SBS Green Team has started our fourth EcoSchools campaign “The Great Gulp” in March 2023.

In celebration of World Water Day, March 22, schools across Canada are invited to take part in The Great Gulp during the month of March. The whole school comes together to take a ‘great gulp’ of tap water from a reusable bottle, glass, or mug, in regions where tap water is safe and accessible.

Sunnybrook took a “great gulp” together at assembly on March 7. Through this simple action we hope to raise awareness about the importance of fresh water and sustainable management of freshwater resources, the need for access to safe and healthy tap water, and the importance of reducing single-use plastic waste in Canada.

Plastics production has surged over the past 50 years and is only expected to grow. 91% of plastic waste is not recycled. Since most plastics do not biodegrade in any meaningful sense, all that plastic waste could still exist for hundreds or even thousands of years. It degrades and breaks down causing microplastics to be found in the air, soil, our drinking water, food and even our bodies.

The Green Team challenges the SBS families to do their part to keep plastic out of the water system by reducing use of single use plastics at home and contact their representatives about ensuring all Canadians have access to clean water? Let’s work together Sunnybrook!!