Our Smart Forest Continues to Grow

Last year, we launched the SBS Smart Forest and became the first school in Canada to sustain a carbon-zero footprint through the Canada’s Forest Trust’s Smart Forest Program! Located in the endangered Acadian forest region of New Brunswick, our Smart Forest continues to grow every year through the generous support of our whole community and will be maintained for 100 years by Canada’s Forest Trust. This initiative not only serves to capture our school’s carbon emissions but will also help to bring back plant and animal biodiversity – Black Bears, Deer, Moose and even the elusive Northern Flying Squirrel.

Our school’s commitment to addressing climate change in this way was inspired by the remarkable efforts of some of our Grade 6 students last year during their 2022 PYP Exhibition. Together with our Green Team, we have calculated Sunnybrook’s carbon footprint for this year. The calculation includes heating and electricity of the school, the distance both our staff and students travel to and from school plus our use of a school bus on field trips and charters. Interesting note: Last year we did not have field trips so our carbon footprint increased this year.

We have calculated our carbon footprint to be 150.3 tonnes/year which can be captured if each child plants 9 seedlings, keeping us a carbon-zero school. Please, follow the link below to donate to the SBS Smart Forest.

Help the SBS Smart Forest Grow

If everyone adds at least 9 seedlings to our School Smart Forest, we will meet or exceed our carbon-zero goal! Your contribution will benefit the school, community, and our planet for generations to come!

Let’s Keep Growing! You can learn more about this exciting initiative and help grow our Smart Forest by visiting our page on the CFT website.