Sunnybrook Starts our Growth Toward Carbon-Zero

Sunnybrook School is proud to be the first school in Canada to sustain a net-zero carbon footprint through the Canada’s Forest Trust – Smart Forest Program. Sunnybrook’s “Forever Forest” will be expanded every year through the generous support of our whole community and maintained for 100 years by Canada’s Forest Trust. This initiative will not only serve to offset our carbon emissions but will also protect vital habitat for wildlife.

Our school’s commitment to addressing climate change in this way was inspired by the remarkable efforts of some of our Grade 6 students during their 2022 PYP Exhibition. These students calculated that if each of us planted 5 seedlings it would offset our emissions and let us become a net-zero school. This important initiative will be sustained for years to come not only to ensure that we remain net-zero, but as a meaningful way to help our students develop a sense of personal agency in taking actions that meet our collective responsibility to future generations.

In addition to beginning our Sunnybrook “Forever Forest”, SBS will receive 2% of the funds from the seedlings that will be put towards resurfacing the playground with recycled rubber.

Help Grow the SBS Smart Forest

If everyone adds at least 5 seedlings to our School Smart Forest, we will meet or exceed our net-zero goal! Your contribution will benefit the school, community, and our planet for generations to come!

Let’s Get Growing! You can learn more about this exciting initiative and help grow our Smart Forest by visiting